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The Sultan's Gift to General Grant, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper
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The Sultan's Gift to General Grant, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper

  • Information about the arrival in America of President Gen. U.S. Grant's gift horses from the Ottoman Sultan, *Leopard and *Linden Tree (named here as Djeytan and Missirli, respectively). Strain and origin may not be correct. The horses arrived on May 28, 1879.

    "They are six and seven years old, of an even height, fifteen hands high, with a coat that is singularly delicate and as soft as velvet; white, silken tail reaching to the ground; and a mane that is wavy but not long. The heads are rather small, but the faces have an intelligent expression. They have large, soft and lustrous black eyes; small, well-set, restless ears; and in the the distended nostrils the finest Arabian blood is shown. They have a gentle disposition, and can be approached and petted like children."



  • Collection: New Albion Stud
  • Location: Davis, California
  • Owner: Michael Bowling
  • Creator of Item: unknown
  • Publisher/Gallery: Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, New York, June 21, 1879

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