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Watercolor sketch by Judith, Lady Wentworth

Watercolor sketch by Judith, Lady Wentworth

Part of the Arabian Horse Owners Foundation (no longer in existence) collections. Watercolor sketch of unidentified horses in an Middle Eastern scene. Photo under glass. About 10x12 inches.

What Horse for the Cavalry? by Spencer Borden

What Horse for the Cavalry? by Spencer Borden

Thanks to R.J. Cadranell for furnishing this PDF. The book was published in 1912 after a tour of the studs of Europe, including Holland, Germany and Austria-Hungary, just prior to World War I. PDF totals 129 pages, including photos of Arabian horses, some in current pedigrees. Col. Borden was a booster of Arabian blood for cavalry and endurance purposes. He also published The Arab Horse in 1909.

WK Kellogg Library Finding Aid

The finding aid for the W.K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Center records is now available. The collection includes files documenting the horses that have lived at the Horse Center, administrative records, records from the Pomona Quartermaster Depot (Remount), breeding records, audiovisual materials, and realia and ephemera.

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