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Saturday, 16 March 2019

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Rousseau 1813
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1813 Lettre de M. Rousseau, consul-général de France a Alep, a M. Jouannin, consul-général de France a Memel, sur les chevaux arabes.

Description of good and undesirable points of the horse, comments on its place in the Bedouin household (mares valued equally to the women). Includes a hujjah in Arabic and translated into French, and a list of 18 strain names. Short quotations from Horace and Vergil about horses. (Michael Bowling) Strains mentioned: Kuheil, Djelfy, Scydi, Ménaki, Seglawoui, Dejdjan, Hemdani, Richan, Soueyti, Eubéyan, Behdan, Fezeidjan, Hedban, Toeyssan, Wednan, Choueimain, El-Sebbah, Mucherref, Abou Erkoub. Thanks to Kate McLachlan for sending us the articles and Michael Bowling for the overview.