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Arabian Horse Archives, Inc.
CONTACT by mail: POB 281, Winchester IL 62694
or online: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A 501.c.3 organization founded to ensure that historical materials relating to the Arabian horse, the oldest and most influential breed in human history, are preserved for future generations.

The mission of the Arabian Horse Archives is to identify, preserve, and protect archival materials relating to the history of the Arabian breed, with special emphasis on endangered collections. The Arabian Horse Archives shall strive to build an accessible database listing all such materials, and facilitate their preservation by partnering with various institutions and museums with demonstrated capabilities to maintain important historical materials and artifacts.

Board of Directors
President Michael Bowling
Secretary Jeanne Craver
Treasurer Robert Cadranell
Director Joe Ferriss
Director Carolyn Hasbrook
Director Howard Shenk
Accountant Debra Mackie

Does This Sound Familiar?
The heirs were not interested in anything to do with the horses, and just cleared the house contents.

There was a family disagreement, and one member destroyed the previous generation’s horse material rather than give another access.

The children thought the old books might have some monetary value, but did not recognize the scholarly significance of photographs, correspondence and other ephemera.

Family papers were donated to an academic institution, and apart from a few specialized items remain stored uncatalogued in the basement of a building on campus.

A few items were salvaged literally from a bonfire, but no one knows what may have been lost.

We’ve all heard these Arabian horse stories and others like them.

The Arabian Horse Archives, Inc, is working to build a support system in order that fewer of them may be told in the future. The Archives is a 501.c.3 charity and gladly accepts donations to further its work with both physical and electronic records. Another vital function of the Archives is to serve as an information clearing house, to maintain awareness of where historical Arabian horse material is located and especially to draw attention to collections that are in critical need, and offer guidance in planning for preservation. Whatever your interest in the Arabian horse, and whatever role you may personally be able to play, please spread the word that the Archives exists and is working to preserve our history.